• Emily

    I'm a self-taught artist from Manchester, UK. I take care of all creative & day-to-day running of TDR.

    I design, create, pack orders, manage social media & do all admin tasks.

    I loves all things pink, cute & quirky!

    If I'm not in TDR, you’ll find me and Max tootling to the Post Office in my pink car or snuggled up with a book.

  • Paul

    He's TDR’s coffee-fueled tech wizard & general trouble-shooter; he takes care of web development & all things IT.

    By day, Paul is a music technician. He loves to tinker with broken equipment!

    He’s also a drummer & music producer; music & cooking spicy foods are his passions.

  • Max

    Max is our morale officer - bringing kisses, cuddles & mischief to TDR.

    He's also learning to use his bark to let us know when the postie arrives with supplies!