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I created TDR after my mental health broke down. In 2020 I crafted self-harm alternatives & selfcare cards which went on to become TDR's 1st product.
Since then, we've evolved into a mental health shop & an inclusive safe community for peer support (on Instagram & Patreon).

I hope my creations bring a smile to your face & make you feel a little less alone with it all.

Emily xo

  • The Dotty Desk

    • Create exclusive content for our Patreon community

    • Plan out ideas • Business admin • Pack your orders

  • The Packing Station

    All our packaging bits live on this side of TDR, with dotty tissue paper, rainbow confetti & dotty tape.

  • The Squishy Side

    I snuggle up on my pink chair with Max to draw. There's usually essential oils on & a coffee or peanut butter hot chocolate being sipped.

  • Essential Tools

    I'd be lost without the Cricut & printer!

    There's also beads & other essentials tucked away in the drawers.